Bulking: so far so good.

Posted February 25, 2007 by takemyhand
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Well, i’ve been bulking for about 5 weeks now and everything seems to be going pretty good. All is well. I’m putting on a few pounds and it doesn’t feel like fat.. Well atleast not to me. In 8 weeks, let’s hope the additional fat has been minimal. I’m getting used to eating more and doing less cardio. I get to eat more carbs which is great.  I think I may be eating to many gram of protein.  Lately I’ve been hitting 320+ which is just tad high.  Maybe I’ll lose some cheese or something, or the cottage cheese. The gallon of water is still getting to me.. I just barely make it each day, but it’s going down faster.

My clothes are still fittig ok which is a super plus,  I don’t wanna look like I’m strectching everything out.  Above all I wouldn’t want to have to buy new clothes. I think I would just stop bulking honestly if it came to that.

My workouts have been hard and heavy.  Which in turn has improved my strength, but it makes me extra sleepy.  One night a week, I have bee going home and crashing completely after work only to wake up at 7AM the next morning, sleep ing for nearly 10-11 hrs.  I’m glad the workout have been shorterin duration as well.


Water Baby

Posted February 20, 2007 by takemyhand
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Short and Simple.. I’m feeling Bloated from all the Water retination from the creatine suppplement I’m taking. Well I’m suppose to feel that way, since, creatine’s main purpose is to retain water.. LOL..  I feel like i’m preggers or something.  My shirt doesn’t quite feel right. It’s hugging in all the wrong places. 🙂 9 more week of bulking and it’s all over.. YAY..

Also I I’ve been drinking a gallon a water a day to fight dehydration.. Let me tell you, The bathroom’s cant not be any closer. LOL.. I think my body will get used to the influx soon, but man,, I need a porta-potty.

Justin’s Rare Food List

Posted February 16, 2007 by takemyhand
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Here’s a list of food that I consider really bad for you, if you are serious about weight loss and should be avoided at all cost, if possible. If these are some of your favorites things, it’s ok to have them once in a while, and by once in a while does not mean ONCE A DAY/week. 

Oreo’s– Since I began my journey The Oreo has gotten its act together. They used to be the poster child for trans-fat. But they are still on my “Most Hated List”. Oreos are the devil, my room mate is scared to eat them in front me cause he know’s he’ll get his hands popped.  If my memory serves me correctly, the seving size for Oreos is 3 cookies and that comes to about 170 calories. Do you know how hard I have to work out for 170 calories, that’s 8 mins on the Ellpitcal, or running 1 mile. Most of the time people eat way more than 3 oreos, they are so little, and dunkable. I remember days of eating a whole row of oreos, only God knows how I survived.

French Fries–  I have french fries about 3 times a year now, over the past 5 years i’ve had them them less than 30 times.  French fries just carry so much fat. Every4 or 5 french fries has about 1.4 grams of fat in them, I could eat 10 Baked potatoes and still not approach the fat levels in those few french fries.  . What’s a hamgbuger without fries right? Justin’s what’s the solution  Well here’s what you do, Buy Steak Fries, if you’ve having a fry attack. They absorb less fat and oil, than their smaller cousins.

Regular Soda–  Well all know that regular soda is full of calories and sull of sugar. Bad Bad Bad. I promise if you just drop this, you’re drop a few pounds by yourself in a month. You’d be shocked to find how that 120 calories, 29g of sugar and 45g of Carbs can add up. Switch to diet, if you must, but try to wane yourself off of it competely, you body will thank you later, when you look younger and feel much better.

Super Processed Snacks- Better known as Little Debbie or as I like to call her Little DEVIL.  These small snacks are super packed with calories and fat.  They may offer temporary satsifaction but, they aren’t very filling. Stay away from these little snacks at all cost.

Write it Down

Posted February 15, 2007 by takemyhand
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Write It Down.  I’m sure we’ve all heard it before. Keep a journal of what you eat is what they tell us.  Yeah easy you so say, Mr. I have 5 proteins shakes a day or, Ms. all I eat is fruit and veggies!!!.. What about the rest of us, us normal consumers of food.  It get tired and bgged down write down every little thing I eat. Granted I use fitday, which makes life, so much easier.  Also granted I normally eat the same thing during the week and weekends.  I know it’s helpful, in visualisation, helping people see exactly what they are eating. It’s hard for me to goal set that way. I guess I could look forward to the number of calories shrinking each week, but, that’s not always the case.  I don’t think it’s lazyness, It’s just not as helpful/useful to me as it once was.. Maybe a need a fresh take on it. Does anyone have suggestions on virutal food journals??

Write it Down. Now I’m a big advocate of writing things down, when it comes to  working out. This is progress I can see. This is instant gratification. Each week, I can look forward to the numbers, increasing, or improving. It makes goal setting so much easier.  I feel a much stronger sense of accomplishment, as page after page, when I see improvement.

Little Candies

Posted February 13, 2007 by takemyhand
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AHHHh I can’t take the pressure.. Girl Scout cookies are back now, and with V-Day around the corner. The candy is everywhere. It seems that everyone is putting out dishes full of little candies. There’s like a trail of sweets from the entrance to the exit at work. Someone is offering something different, something tasty.

 I’m really hating my sweet tooth at the moment. I need to slow down and stop taking in so much candy. A few pieces here and there, start to add up in the grand scheme of things. Just thinkg 200 cal a day for a month would be 6000, almost 1.5 lbs.  OH gosh. I  need to stop.

Where’s the Rooster?

Posted February 7, 2007 by takemyhand
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What can I say, I’m somewhat proud of myself. I got up this morning and worked out at 6AM.  I mean this is something I haven’t done in about 2 or 3 years.  Normally at 6AM I’m turning over, still under the warm covers, completely dreaming of saving the world, or winning an olypmic gold medal, or whatever.

 It was a good workout. Wed, is usually a two-a-day for me. I normally do weights at lunch time and come back at night and do cardio.  I was able to get both done this morning by 7:45AM. YAY that means more time at home tonight. I like stated I normally go to the gym during lunch to avoid the crowd, but man, the morning crowd is far far weaker. There was maybe about 15 people total in the gym.  I could use anything I wanted, and for along at I want. It felt good to start the day off like this.  I ate at the dinning on campus and had a good breakfast.  After yesterday’s event at IHOP (all you can eat pancakes, I needed to be GOOD, lol)

Oddly enough in the locker room this guy was putting on and undergear chest set. I have never seen one, ever, only in mags. I mean mostly worn by football player and such. I don’t know why this guy need to “flatten” his chest.  I mean who’s watching your at 6AM in the morning. Seriously.

 I know I haven’t been around the blog lately. Things have not been ing well in the blog world. HAHA. I’ll be added some picture and such, very soon.

Tip Of The Day: Feb 4

Posted February 4, 2007 by takemyhand
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Let it Rise, Let it Rise..

Fat that is. Today’s tip involves how to remove extra fat from can good. The trick is to place canned good such as soups, in the frig and let them chill for a while. Because of science,(destinties and polarity), the coldness, will cause the fat to rise to the top of the can, allowing you to “scoop” it off, when you get ready to open it. Ever places oil and in pan of water.. It floats on top right, same principles applies here. So Chill those can soups.