Where’s the Rooster?

What can I say, I’m somewhat proud of myself. I got up this morning and worked out at 6AM.  I mean this is something I haven’t done in about 2 or 3 years.  Normally at 6AM I’m turning over, still under the warm covers, completely dreaming of saving the world, or winning an olypmic gold medal, or whatever.

 It was a good workout. Wed, is usually a two-a-day for me. I normally do weights at lunch time and come back at night and do cardio.  I was able to get both done this morning by 7:45AM. YAY that means more time at home tonight. I like stated I normally go to the gym during lunch to avoid the crowd, but man, the morning crowd is far far weaker. There was maybe about 15 people total in the gym.  I could use anything I wanted, and for along at I want. It felt good to start the day off like this.  I ate at the dinning on campus and had a good breakfast.  After yesterday’s event at IHOP (all you can eat pancakes, I needed to be GOOD, lol)

Oddly enough in the locker room this guy was putting on and undergear chest set. I have never seen one, ever, only in mags. I mean mostly worn by football player and such. I don’t know why this guy need to “flatten” his chest.  I mean who’s watching your at 6AM in the morning. Seriously.

 I know I haven’t been around the blog lately. Things have not been ing well in the blog world. HAHA. I’ll be added some picture and such, very soon.

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One Comment on “Where’s the Rooster?”

  1. Lori Says:

    Justin, I’m even more impressed with the early hours b/c of how C*O*L*D* it’s been on the East Coast and you’re probalby no exception.

    I think you need to remember that there’s going to be IHOP days. Some days you’re the pancake and other days you’re the syrup. (And I’m copyrighting this phrase!)

    Hang in there!

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