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Water Baby

February 20, 2007

Short and Simple.. I’m feeling Bloated from all the Water retination from the creatine suppplement I’m taking. Well I’m suppose to feel that way, since, creatine’s main purpose is to retain water.. LOL..  I feel like i’m preggers or something.  My shirt doesn’t quite feel right. It’s hugging in all the wrong places. 🙂 9 more week of bulking and it’s all over.. YAY..

Also I I’ve been drinking a gallon a water a day to fight dehydration.. Let me tell you, The bathroom’s cant not be any closer. LOL.. I think my body will get used to the influx soon, but man,, I need a porta-potty.


Where’s the Rooster?

February 7, 2007

What can I say, I’m somewhat proud of myself. I got up this morning and worked out at 6AM.  I mean this is something I haven’t done in about 2 or 3 years.  Normally at 6AM I’m turning over, still under the warm covers, completely dreaming of saving the world, or winning an olypmic gold medal, or whatever.

 It was a good workout. Wed, is usually a two-a-day for me. I normally do weights at lunch time and come back at night and do cardio.  I was able to get both done this morning by 7:45AM. YAY that means more time at home tonight. I like stated I normally go to the gym during lunch to avoid the crowd, but man, the morning crowd is far far weaker. There was maybe about 15 people total in the gym.  I could use anything I wanted, and for along at I want. It felt good to start the day off like this.  I ate at the dinning on campus and had a good breakfast.  After yesterday’s event at IHOP (all you can eat pancakes, I needed to be GOOD, lol)

Oddly enough in the locker room this guy was putting on and undergear chest set. I have never seen one, ever, only in mags. I mean mostly worn by football player and such. I don’t know why this guy need to “flatten” his chest.  I mean who’s watching your at 6AM in the morning. Seriously.

 I know I haven’t been around the blog lately. Things have not been ing well in the blog world. HAHA. I’ll be added some picture and such, very soon.

I’ve Been Tagged

February 3, 2007

LORI over at redheaded stranger, has tagged me. This should be fun.

A — Available or Married? Available..I Repeat choice though by choice
B — Best Friend? Jeremy, Nameir
C — Cake or Pie? Cheesecake
D — Drink of Choice? Diet Cherry Coke
E — Essential Item? Ipod
F — Favorite Color? Blue, Navy Blue, but Not Baby Blue
G — Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms all the way
H — Hometown? Ahoskie, NC
I — Indulgence? Cookie Dough(which I never have)
J — January or February? Februar, It’s Black History Month
K — Kids and Names? I’m 23 and single…riiiiight
L — Life is incomplete without? Self-Awarness
M — Marriage Date? Sometime between the ages of 28-32, my biological is set to that
N — Number of Siblings? Only CHILD..ME ME ME ME ME
O — Oranges or Apples? Oranges
P — Phobias/Fears? Belonophobia. Sharp objects(more specifically sticking in my eye)
Q — Favorite Quote? You are destined for great things-MOM
R— Reason to Smile? Life
S — Season? Fall–Cool air, leaves falling, and I easily look fan-blown
T — Tag 3 People! I’m going to tag Adrian, Bukol, Dragonmommie
U — Unknown Fact About Me: I Eat chap stick
V — Vice? Video Games
W — Worst Habit? Drinking Out of the Carton, SORRY
X — (My choice ): Favorite Singer? Mariah Carey..
Y — Your favorite food? Rice
Z — Zodiac? Caner

To Bulk or Not to Bulk, that is the question!!!

February 1, 2007

Bulking, what is bulking you may ask. Bulking is the process where, people attempt to put on weight, more specifically muscle. Often a common cycle in hard-gainers,(people who have a hard time putting on weight(i dont’ have that problem)). The idea is to try to pack on as much weight/muscle as possible ,then follow with a cutting cycling where you attempt to keep the new muscle and shed the added body fat. When bulking normally your calorie in take doubles. Your body can’t put on weight if it’s not in EXCESS of calories.

The thing about bulking, that gest me is the feeling of getting bigger, even if it is muscle, and as you’ve read above, it’s extrmemely hard and nearly impossible to clean bulk. Some fat will be added as well. I’ll just FEEL BIG again.. This would be the second time I attempt a BULK. The last one was a failure. I ended up adding 9.5 lbs of fat and gaining maybe like 4 lbs of muscle. As you can see from the picture, below, how BIG I got. Well atleast I think I figured my two biggest mistakes.
1. Adding to many calories too soon. I jumped from about 2700 to 3800-4300. The number was in compliance with many sites and mags,etc,, but what they fail to mention was that I needed to increase the calories slowly each week. So If I do Bulk, i’ll add generally 300 calories to my daily diet every other week.

2. Too many calories, in general.  Most formulas tell you to multiply your Body Weight by 18-20, and to get the amount of calories you need to bulk, but, after doing some research and combining several sources, I’ve discovered you should multiply  your Lean Body Mass, only, not your total body weight. I won’t make that mistake this time. THANKS BOD POD.

I wish the pictures below showed you more. I’m really good at hiding my weight.  I know it’s hard to see the 15 LBS.  I wish I had did shirtless shots. Anywho. I also worry about clothes fitting. Ughh.  With so many worries and concern, why even BULK right. Considering the other option woulld be to lose more body fat first, then gain muscle later. That’s just as harder if not harder, because once again fat will be added. Not to mention I can’t do cardio Like i want to now, since it’s cold(no more running outsdie).  This is why most body builders bulk during the winter and cut during the spring or summer.

My Nutrition will have to change, I’ll either have to add on to my serving size, or replace meals entirely. Here’s a copy of Last year’s Breakfast









Eng. Muffin




Raisin Bran








Candian  Bacon




Egg Patty




                                    Fat: 17                         Carb 130                     Protien 41

Cal. 747

It’s not as fun, eating this much food, as you would think. Half of the time, I wasn’t very hungry, but would ahve to stuff down 500-600 calories for a meal. I felt full all the time.. Bloated, that would also be from the creatine supplement I was taking. (Retains extra water in your cell)

I really need to plan this out better. I won’t eat the same way I did Last time.



Oct/NOV 2005 (Before I bulked)



APRIL 2006(Nearing the End of the Bulk)



July 2006(1.5 months of Cutting)



Outta My System

January 31, 2007

Ok after Monday’s BOD POD, measurement, I just needed a down day. I just needed to get rid of all the cravings. All the cravings that have been picking at me for a while now. I had a little Taco Bell for lunch(Spicy Chicken Burrtio), some IHOP for Dinner(Ham and Cheese Melt + Salad, and for the first time, I didn’t get pancakes along with that…), finally I went as low as you can go, I got a Snack Pack from Mcdonald’s (Grilled I mine you), and I had a little ice cream. YESSSSS all in one day. All the bad stuff, that’s going to to tempt me later. IT”S OUTTA MY SYSTEM, IT”S OUTTA MY SYSTEM.

No I didn’t just have a crazy binge. The schedule was thrown a wack again, so I just rolled with it. I was like hey, I’ve already gone this far, might as well keep going. I was being a bad boy. I knew that I woulld be able to hit the Ellpicatl hard later and atleast burn off the Taco Bell and the Snack Pack. You know what , I don’t feel bad about this down day. Not that I should ever feel bad about eating, reasonable food, especially when dinning out.

They say you should try to eat good, 90% of the time. Hey that gives me 36.5 days of 10% badness..Muhahahahha

This weekend I will start the bulking phase, so the extra calories are just what I need. I’m very fearful about this bulking cycling. Bulking doesn’t bode well for me mentally, but any who, more on that later.

It’s Prep Week

January 28, 2007

Well it’s prep for me, and that can only mean one thing. I’ve just finished one workout cycle and it’s time to swtich.  I call it prep week, because I like to ease myself into my new workout.  I spend a week, working on the movements and finding the approiate weights to start off with. I’m currently on 12 weeks cycles. I do the same exercises for 12 weeks, every 2 weeks i incease the weight and every 4 week, I reduce the reps, 15, 12, 10.

The new movemens involve, moves that are considered heavy lifting; Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Press. Maybe a new cycle is just what I need. Something to jumpstart this moJO

Tomorrow I have my body fat testing. It won’t be a normal sking fold, test. I’ll have to get inside something called the Bod Pod. I’ll have to post about this experience. it’s a new Technology, stay tuned!!

Creature of Habit

January 26, 2007

Wow this is my first daily account of what’s going on in my life, with the center being weight loss and nutrution. Soo hmmm what to talk about. I’ve been feeling sort down about my weight lately..
I been eating sorta bad lately. I’ve been having these late night mini binges. I don’t know what cause them, I need look at my calories/workout output to see if soemthing is causing me to be hungry at 2:AM in the morning. I’ve also have been craving moon pies, and I don’t even like them.

I was at a workshop this past Thur and Friday. That means bad eating. Because we provide all the food for the teachers. It throws my work LIFE out of WHACK…. My meals, my working out, my Sleep, ughhh.

I packed something with me on my trip before I left for Wilmington. I pack sandwhich bags of Kashi cerceal and I took packets of Light Oatmeal. At least I thought could keep breakfast ok, in the Hotel, because I knew all day I woul be sitting around Muffins, candy, doughnuts, cookies. My body is programed to eat every three hours, and well, and when I am conducting these workshops, I can’t stop and have a Turkey Burger and Oatmeal + whey protein, or Black beans + tuna. It’s like I’m stranded on Sugar and Carb island. I have to look for every little oz of protien, that I can. I have even resulted in picking the raisins out of a danish for PROTIEN.. I know.. sad.

Then ontop of that I never know what kinda of hotel. I’m going to be in. Which means, Will I gym or not gym.. Well This time, there was no gym. So i haven’t workouted since WED, right before I left. More than two without working out, and I’m grumpy, irrated and annoyed.

I normally wouldn’t be that worred about a few bad meals or snacks, but I have my 3 month folllow up for my body fat testing on MONDAY. I just feel like over the past two week, i’ve destored some of the progress I think I have made. I’m just feeling down about that. But you know what a few good days of cardio and working out, Ill be ok. At least I hope so.