I’ve Been Tagged

LORI over at redheaded stranger, has tagged me. This should be fun.

A — Available or Married? Available..I Repeat Available..by choice though by choice
B — Best Friend? Jeremy, Nameir
C — Cake or Pie? Cheesecake
D — Drink of Choice? Diet Cherry Coke
E — Essential Item? Ipod
F — Favorite Color? Blue, Navy Blue, but Not Baby Blue
G — Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms all the way
H — Hometown? Ahoskie, NC
I — Indulgence? Cookie Dough(which I never have)
J — January or February? Februar, It’s Black History Month
K — Kids and Names? I’m 23 and single…riiiiight
L — Life is incomplete without? Self-Awarness
M — Marriage Date? Sometime between the ages of 28-32, my biological is set to that
N — Number of Siblings? Only CHILD..ME ME ME ME ME
O — Oranges or Apples? Oranges
P — Phobias/Fears? Belonophobia. Sharp objects(more specifically sticking in my eye)
Q — Favorite Quote? You are destined for great things-MOM
R— Reason to Smile? Life
S — Season? Fall–Cool air, leaves falling, and I easily look fan-blown
T — Tag 3 People! I’m going to tag Adrian, Bukol, Dragonmommie
U — Unknown Fact About Me: I Eat chap stick
V — Vice? Video Games
W — Worst Habit? Drinking Out of the Carton, SORRY
X — (My choice ): Favorite Singer? Mariah Carey..
Y — Your favorite food? Rice
Z — Zodiac? Caner

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2 Comments on “I’ve Been Tagged”

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  2. Lori Says:

    Hey, Justin, thanks for being a good sport about this. I thought you’d be game for it. I love Diet Cherry Coke too (for a long time, it wasn’t available in Virginia; we’d go on vacation, say in upstate NY and find it). We’d then drive home with about 10 cases of it and dole it out sparingly. (As in, “get your hands off that! We’re down to our last 10 cans!) LOL

    You’re a Cancer too? 🙂

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