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Bulking: so far so good.

February 25, 2007

Well, i’ve been bulking for about 5 weeks now and everything seems to be going pretty good. All is well. I’m putting on a few pounds and it doesn’t feel like fat.. Well atleast not to me. In 8 weeks, let’s hope the additional fat has been minimal. I’m getting used to eating more and doing less cardio. I get to eat more carbs which is great.  I think I may be eating to many gram of protein.  Lately I’ve been hitting 320+ which is just tad high.  Maybe I’ll lose some cheese or something, or the cottage cheese. The gallon of water is still getting to me.. I just barely make it each day, but it’s going down faster.

My clothes are still fittig ok which is a super plus,  I don’t wanna look like I’m strectching everything out.  Above all I wouldn’t want to have to buy new clothes. I think I would just stop bulking honestly if it came to that.

My workouts have been hard and heavy.  Which in turn has improved my strength, but it makes me extra sleepy.  One night a week, I have bee going home and crashing completely after work only to wake up at 7AM the next morning, sleep ing for nearly 10-11 hrs.  I’m glad the workout have been shorterin duration as well.


Write it Down

February 15, 2007

Write It Down.  I’m sure we’ve all heard it before. Keep a journal of what you eat is what they tell us.  Yeah easy you so say, Mr. I have 5 proteins shakes a day or, Ms. all I eat is fruit and veggies!!!.. What about the rest of us, us normal consumers of food.  It get tired and bgged down write down every little thing I eat. Granted I use fitday, which makes life, so much easier.  Also granted I normally eat the same thing during the week and weekends.  I know it’s helpful, in visualisation, helping people see exactly what they are eating. It’s hard for me to goal set that way. I guess I could look forward to the number of calories shrinking each week, but, that’s not always the case.  I don’t think it’s lazyness, It’s just not as helpful/useful to me as it once was.. Maybe a need a fresh take on it. Does anyone have suggestions on virutal food journals??

Write it Down. Now I’m a big advocate of writing things down, when it comes to  working out. This is progress I can see. This is instant gratification. Each week, I can look forward to the numbers, increasing, or improving. It makes goal setting so much easier.  I feel a much stronger sense of accomplishment, as page after page, when I see improvement.

Tip of the Day: Feb 2

February 2, 2007

Today’s tip will focus on Serving Size.

How often do you measure out the right serving size for food?  Many times we’re to lazy to take a measuring cup out, or heck some of us my just say, “I’ll just guesstimate”.  This tip is for all your people who love to eat cerceral in the morning for breakfast.

Instead of pouring your favorite cereal(I’ll assumne it’s HEALTHY, ahem) in a bowl, pour it a regular coffee mug.  Cereals generally have a 1 cup serving size. You also won’t over pour the milk. It’s easy, simple and best yet, you’ll be able to drink the left over milk perfectly.

Enjoy your Tip