Bulking: so far so good.

Well, i’ve been bulking for about 5 weeks now and everything seems to be going pretty good. All is well. I’m putting on a few pounds and it doesn’t feel like fat.. Well atleast not to me. In 8 weeks, let’s hope the additional fat has been minimal. I’m getting used to eating more and doing less cardio. I get to eat more carbs which is great.  I think I may be eating to many gram of protein.  Lately I’ve been hitting 320+ which is just tad high.  Maybe I’ll lose some cheese or something, or the cottage cheese. The gallon of water is still getting to me.. I just barely make it each day, but it’s going down faster.

My clothes are still fittig ok which is a super plus,  I don’t wanna look like I’m strectching everything out.  Above all I wouldn’t want to have to buy new clothes. I think I would just stop bulking honestly if it came to that.

My workouts have been hard and heavy.  Which in turn has improved my strength, but it makes me extra sleepy.  One night a week, I have bee going home and crashing completely after work only to wake up at 7AM the next morning, sleep ing for nearly 10-11 hrs.  I’m glad the workout have been shorterin duration as well.

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One Comment on “Bulking: so far so good.”

  1. waistloss Says:

    Why haven’t your posts been coming up in the tag surfer?

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