Write it Down

Write It Down.  I’m sure we’ve all heard it before. Keep a journal of what you eat is what they tell us.  Yeah easy you so say, Mr. I have 5 proteins shakes a day or, Ms. all I eat is fruit and veggies!!!.. What about the rest of us, us normal consumers of food.  It get tired and bgged down write down every little thing I eat. Granted I use fitday, which makes life, so much easier.  Also granted I normally eat the same thing during the week and weekends.  I know it’s helpful, in visualisation, helping people see exactly what they are eating. It’s hard for me to goal set that way. I guess I could look forward to the number of calories shrinking each week, but, that’s not always the case.  I don’t think it’s lazyness, It’s just not as helpful/useful to me as it once was.. Maybe a need a fresh take on it. Does anyone have suggestions on virutal food journals??

Write it Down. Now I’m a big advocate of writing things down, when it comes to  working out. This is progress I can see. This is instant gratification. Each week, I can look forward to the numbers, increasing, or improving. It makes goal setting so much easier.  I feel a much stronger sense of accomplishment, as page after page, when I see improvement.

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3 Comments on “Write it Down”

  1. Lori Says:

    Justin, I’m on a private blog where the four of us write down what we eat and do a daily inventory (if we can or feel like it). We answer such questions:

    What did I eat today?
    What exercise did I have today?
    What did I do today that I like and respect myself for? (or: How did I behave better than I felt?)
    What did I do for someone else today?
    What happened today that I enjoyed and appreciated that had nothing to do with me?
    Where did I have problems today? (or Where did I feel bad or negative today?)
    What am I proudest of today?
    On a scale of 1 – 10, how much close interaction did I have with people today?
    What made me feel feminine today? (Obviously, you can change this one!)
    What made me feel loved and appreciated today?

    What I hope to do is be more honest and thorough with my measurement of food. I have the special spoons from Weight Watchers and I should use them more….

    Good post, Justin!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Lori those questions are helpful. I am losing weight and these questions can help me push through. Thanks for sharing.



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