Water Baby

Short and Simple.. I’m feeling Bloated from all the Water retination from the creatine suppplement I’m taking. Well I’m suppose to feel that way, since, creatine’s main purpose is to retain water.. LOL..  I feel like i’m preggers or something.  My shirt doesn’t quite feel right. It’s hugging in all the wrong places. 🙂 9 more week of bulking and it’s all over.. YAY..

Also I I’ve been drinking a gallon a water a day to fight dehydration.. Let me tell you, The bathroom’s cant not be any closer. LOL.. I think my body will get used to the influx soon, but man,, I need a porta-potty.

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2 Comments on “Water Baby”

  1. Grumpy Chair Says:

    Spewed coffee everywhere when I read “I feel like I’m preggers or something”. Welcome to PMS.

  2. Why are you taking it?

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