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Justin’s Rare Food List

February 16, 2007

Here’s a list of food that I consider really bad for you, if you are serious about weight loss and should be avoided at all cost, if possible. If these are some of your favorites things, it’s ok to have them once in a while, and by once in a while does not mean ONCE A DAY/week. 

Oreo’s– Since I began my journey The Oreo has gotten its act together. They used to be the poster child for trans-fat. But they are still on my “Most Hated List”. Oreos are the devil, my room mate is scared to eat them in front me cause he know’s he’ll get his hands popped.  If my memory serves me correctly, the seving size for Oreos is 3 cookies and that comes to about 170 calories. Do you know how hard I have to work out for 170 calories, that’s 8 mins on the Ellpitcal, or running 1 mile. Most of the time people eat way more than 3 oreos, they are so little, and dunkable. I remember days of eating a whole row of oreos, only God knows how I survived.

French Fries–  I have french fries about 3 times a year now, over the past 5 years i’ve had them them less than 30 times.  French fries just carry so much fat. Every4 or 5 french fries has about 1.4 grams of fat in them, I could eat 10 Baked potatoes and still not approach the fat levels in those few french fries.  . What’s a hamgbuger without fries right? Justin’s what’s the solution  Well here’s what you do, Buy Steak Fries, if you’ve having a fry attack. They absorb less fat and oil, than their smaller cousins.

Regular Soda–  Well all know that regular soda is full of calories and sull of sugar. Bad Bad Bad. I promise if you just drop this, you’re drop a few pounds by yourself in a month. You’d be shocked to find how that 120 calories, 29g of sugar and 45g of Carbs can add up. Switch to diet, if you must, but try to wane yourself off of it competely, you body will thank you later, when you look younger and feel much better.

Super Processed Snacks- Better known as Little Debbie or as I like to call her Little DEVIL.  These small snacks are super packed with calories and fat.  They may offer temporary satsifaction but, they aren’t very filling. Stay away from these little snacks at all cost.


Write it Down

February 15, 2007

Write It Down.  I’m sure we’ve all heard it before. Keep a journal of what you eat is what they tell us.  Yeah easy you so say, Mr. I have 5 proteins shakes a day or, Ms. all I eat is fruit and veggies!!!.. What about the rest of us, us normal consumers of food.  It get tired and bgged down write down every little thing I eat. Granted I use fitday, which makes life, so much easier.  Also granted I normally eat the same thing during the week and weekends.  I know it’s helpful, in visualisation, helping people see exactly what they are eating. It’s hard for me to goal set that way. I guess I could look forward to the number of calories shrinking each week, but, that’s not always the case.  I don’t think it’s lazyness, It’s just not as helpful/useful to me as it once was.. Maybe a need a fresh take on it. Does anyone have suggestions on virutal food journals??

Write it Down. Now I’m a big advocate of writing things down, when it comes to  working out. This is progress I can see. This is instant gratification. Each week, I can look forward to the numbers, increasing, or improving. It makes goal setting so much easier.  I feel a much stronger sense of accomplishment, as page after page, when I see improvement.

Little Candies

February 13, 2007

AHHHh I can’t take the pressure.. Girl Scout cookies are back now, and with V-Day around the corner. The candy is everywhere. It seems that everyone is putting out dishes full of little candies. There’s like a trail of sweets from the entrance to the exit at work. Someone is offering something different, something tasty.

 I’m really hating my sweet tooth at the moment. I need to slow down and stop taking in so much candy. A few pieces here and there, start to add up in the grand scheme of things. Just thinkg 200 cal a day for a month would be 6000, almost 1.5 lbs.  OH gosh. I  need to stop.

Tip Of The Day: Feb 4

February 4, 2007

Let it Rise, Let it Rise..

Fat that is. Today’s tip involves how to remove extra fat from can good. The trick is to place canned good such as soups, in the frig and let them chill for a while. Because of science,(destinties and polarity), the coldness, will cause the fat to rise to the top of the can, allowing you to “scoop” it off, when you get ready to open it. Ever places oil and in pan of water.. It floats on top right, same principles applies here. So Chill those can soups.


Tip of the Day: Feb 2

February 2, 2007

Today’s tip will focus on Serving Size.

How often do you measure out the right serving size for food?  Many times we’re to lazy to take a measuring cup out, or heck some of us my just say, “I’ll just guesstimate”.  This tip is for all your people who love to eat cerceral in the morning for breakfast.

Instead of pouring your favorite cereal(I’ll assumne it’s HEALTHY, ahem) in a bowl, pour it a regular coffee mug.  Cereals generally have a 1 cup serving size. You also won’t over pour the milk. It’s easy, simple and best yet, you’ll be able to drink the left over milk perfectly.

Enjoy your Tip

The Story: Chapter 4

February 2, 2007

Chapter 4: Summer Break & New Clothes
Dated Covered: May 2002- Mid Aug 2002

My first summer break had finally arrived. Honestly I was just ready for a break, from school. Freshman year had proven, to be quite the experience, so much happened. I meet so many people that would affect me so much later in life, it’s unreal. Enough about school, let’s move to summer break.

See I’m from rural North Carolina, Five years ago my hometown got a Viquest Fitness Center, think of it as a Small, but fully equipped Gold’s Gym. So there was no where for me to workout when I went home on weekend or in this case my summer break. Oh how I long to be back in my college town, not just for the gym, but for the atmosphere and the people. For the first few weeks, I just laid around the house. Stayed up late, slept long, etc. I also was back home with Grandma’s fried cooking which is bad(love you GRANNY). Added on top of this, I had nothing to occupy my time with all day. I began to regress into my old habits, before college. My mom and I tried to weaken the blow. She did buy turkey, wheat bread and stuff, but, most of the meals where home cooked.

I did more and more reading during the summer about nutrition and working. I was steady increasing my knowledge base. I read about diet ratios of macro-nutrients, which still at the time, didn’t really mean much to me. I discovered new exercises that I could so at home, with basic items, such as books and anything that had a little weight. Try doing Lat Raises (hold the book by side and bring it up to shoulder height) with the A or M Encyclopedia, that’s hard core.. LOL.

Well with every school term, comes serveral rituals. Buying school, supplies, books, and yes CLOTHES.  It was time to order new clothes. I was somewhat excited.  I was now a 42-44 in the waist, and had dropped down to where a 2XL was a little to big, but a XL wasn’t quite big enough. It was a good time, we didn’t have much money, so I ordered as cheaply as possible. It didn’t care where it came from, as long as it would fit and looked nice.

About mid June, I went to work for Perduce Farms INC. I would be my first “REAL” job ever. It wasn’t by choice really, I had been turn-down by every other place around town, and well this was it. Not to Mention my mom worked there, and ensured me, if I wanted a job, I would get it. Purdue was hard-work, very hard work. Standing up for 8hours on my feet, processing chickens. Not as gross as it sounds, but still never the less, traumatizing. (1 of the reasons I don’t eat fried CHICKEN). I only worked for 7 weeks at Purdue. I had to leave because school was starting in a week. Perdude was good. I kept me from snacking all day. Also I only had 20mins for Lunch, So i really didn’t have time to eat anything, but maybe a nab and a soda.

Well 2 weeks before, it was time for me to leave Purdue, an event occur in my life, that has truly impacted my life. On a Wed night, my mother was in a terrible car accident; a head on collision. A Lady called and said that my mother had car trouble, and that I should come and see about her. I hoped in the car, and drove about 25 miles outside of town. I pull up on the highway, and saw that traffic was backed up. I sat in the car, and weight for about 10mins before, getting out of the car. I stepped out of the car, and made my way towards the fuss. I wanted to see what was going on. I walked up for about a quarter of a mile, and that’s when in the distance I saw my mother’s car, turned sideways, against a barrier. I took off in a run, and rushed to my mother. I couldn’t even make it all the way, without running out of breath and becoming tired. Only God knows how I felt, not being able to make to my mother, who needed me more then, that ever before. I finally made it to the scene, and found my mother in the ambulance, screaming…Anywho, she wasn’t in any immediate danger or fatally wounded. She ended up with a broken and crushed hip. Although permanently disabled, but that’s another story. I speeded back to the car and took off after the ambulance. I can say that I hit 120 MPH, that night, trying to catch up with my mother. All while during the drive I was in tears, I vowed, from that moment on, that I would never ever have trouble running again. It was guilty motivation, . I didn’t ever want to be helpless again, I wanted to be ready for any situation that could arise.  I would enter the NEW semester, with FRESH MOTIVATION.

To Bulk or Not to Bulk, that is the question!!!

February 1, 2007

Bulking, what is bulking you may ask. Bulking is the process where, people attempt to put on weight, more specifically muscle. Often a common cycle in hard-gainers,(people who have a hard time putting on weight(i dont’ have that problem)). The idea is to try to pack on as much weight/muscle as possible ,then follow with a cutting cycling where you attempt to keep the new muscle and shed the added body fat. When bulking normally your calorie in take doubles. Your body can’t put on weight if it’s not in EXCESS of calories.

The thing about bulking, that gest me is the feeling of getting bigger, even if it is muscle, and as you’ve read above, it’s extrmemely hard and nearly impossible to clean bulk. Some fat will be added as well. I’ll just FEEL BIG again.. This would be the second time I attempt a BULK. The last one was a failure. I ended up adding 9.5 lbs of fat and gaining maybe like 4 lbs of muscle. As you can see from the picture, below, how BIG I got. Well atleast I think I figured my two biggest mistakes.
1. Adding to many calories too soon. I jumped from about 2700 to 3800-4300. The number was in compliance with many sites and mags,etc,, but what they fail to mention was that I needed to increase the calories slowly each week. So If I do Bulk, i’ll add generally 300 calories to my daily diet every other week.

2. Too many calories, in general.  Most formulas tell you to multiply your Body Weight by 18-20, and to get the amount of calories you need to bulk, but, after doing some research and combining several sources, I’ve discovered you should multiply  your Lean Body Mass, only, not your total body weight. I won’t make that mistake this time. THANKS BOD POD.

I wish the pictures below showed you more. I’m really good at hiding my weight.  I know it’s hard to see the 15 LBS.  I wish I had did shirtless shots. Anywho. I also worry about clothes fitting. Ughh.  With so many worries and concern, why even BULK right. Considering the other option woulld be to lose more body fat first, then gain muscle later. That’s just as harder if not harder, because once again fat will be added. Not to mention I can’t do cardio Like i want to now, since it’s cold(no more running outsdie).  This is why most body builders bulk during the winter and cut during the spring or summer.

My Nutrition will have to change, I’ll either have to add on to my serving size, or replace meals entirely. Here’s a copy of Last year’s Breakfast









Eng. Muffin




Raisin Bran








Candian  Bacon




Egg Patty




                                    Fat: 17                         Carb 130                     Protien 41

Cal. 747

It’s not as fun, eating this much food, as you would think. Half of the time, I wasn’t very hungry, but would ahve to stuff down 500-600 calories for a meal. I felt full all the time.. Bloated, that would also be from the creatine supplement I was taking. (Retains extra water in your cell)

I really need to plan this out better. I won’t eat the same way I did Last time.



Oct/NOV 2005 (Before I bulked)



APRIL 2006(Nearing the End of the Bulk)



July 2006(1.5 months of Cutting)