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Tip Of The Day: Feb 4

February 4, 2007

Let it Rise, Let it Rise..

Fat that is. Today’s tip involves how to remove extra fat from can good. The trick is to place canned good such as soups, in the frig and let them chill for a while. Because of science,(destinties and polarity), the coldness, will cause the fat to rise to the top of the can, allowing you to “scoop” it off, when you get ready to open it. Ever places oil and in pan of water.. It floats on top right, same principles applies here. So Chill those can soups.



Tip of the Day: Feb 2

February 2, 2007

Today’s tip will focus on Serving Size.

How often do you measure out the right serving size for food?  Many times we’re to lazy to take a measuring cup out, or heck some of us my just say, “I’ll just guesstimate”.  This tip is for all your people who love to eat cerceral in the morning for breakfast.

Instead of pouring your favorite cereal(I’ll assumne it’s HEALTHY, ahem) in a bowl, pour it a regular coffee mug.  Cereals generally have a 1 cup serving size. You also won’t over pour the milk. It’s easy, simple and best yet, you’ll be able to drink the left over milk perfectly.

Enjoy your Tip