Little Candies

AHHHh I can’t take the pressure.. Girl Scout cookies are back now, and with V-Day around the corner. The candy is everywhere. It seems that everyone is putting out dishes full of little candies. There’s like a trail of sweets from the entrance to the exit at work. Someone is offering something different, something tasty.

 I’m really hating my sweet tooth at the moment. I need to slow down and stop taking in so much candy. A few pieces here and there, start to add up in the grand scheme of things. Just thinkg 200 cal a day for a month would be 6000, almost 1.5 lbs.  OH gosh. I  need to stop.

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One Comment on “Little Candies”

  1. Lori Says:

    Someone brought in Hershey’s kisses that have the cherry in it. I had three of them and as I was eating them, I was despising myself for doing that. I’m not sure that’s a very healthy attitude either.

    It will be over tomorrow, thank God. I hate Val. Day this year. I hope the weather improves…

    BTW, instead of the Girl Scout cookies, get the 100 calorie package of Grasshopper Fudge Shoppe by Keebler. They taste like Thin Mints and only 100 kcal and 3.5g of fat.

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