Understanding This Blog

Ok there’s a lot to explain here. First of all this blog is solely dedicated for Weight-Loss, Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Health Lifestyles. If you’re interesting in a more general, random things the head over to my other blog, the Justification of Justin where I blog about life at 20-something, Girls, Rants, Social Trends, and Guy Stuff etc .  Back to this blog. There are three parts to this blog.

One Part: Story, “The Story“- Tells the tale of how I initially lost 140 lbs, in 2.5-3 years. How I’ve maintain the weight loss, and gradually have drifted toward a new level of athleticism. The story will come in chapters.  Another chapter will be added every Friday and possibly Tuesday as well. I would advise you to 1st read the post titled “Just 10” to briefly understand the outline and the story continues with 1st post  ” The Story: The Preface” All part of the story can always be found under the category The Story

Second Part: Resources and Advice— This will be a place for resources and information on a wide range of topics, everything from exercises, supplements, equipments, tips & tricks, dieting trends, etc. I’m going to try and keep the tags, very consistent, so that I you need to find something, you won’t have to much trouble. I have done hours of research, read tons of magazines, I’ve tried tons of things, there’s no need for you to spend hours doing the same.  Some people will complain that the resources are too basic, well we have to start somewhere, give me a little time and it’ll all grow. There’s no need for me to start talking about carb to protein ratios of post workout meals at first, I’ll freak people out and over confuse people. Some advice will stem from “The Story” and it’s chapters. I’ll be pulling excerpts from it to illustrate, what I did. I’m just NOT going to give people the cookie cutter advice, I’m going to give them PERSONAL ADVICE. While some advice is standard, and is good practice, I feel that more realistic, more personal perspective will be more beneficial.  I hope people can learn from my mistakes. I’m not a self proclaimed expert, but un-boastfully I feel comfortable in my knowledge and experience, and I have helped several people lose weight, pack on muscle, and restart their lives.

Third Part: Journal– I’m still on the journey and I’m still learning and growing all the time. I’ll be sharing my daily/weekly up’s and down’s. I’ll chat about my current eating habits and training styles, as they change frequently to accommodate goals.  I’ll chat about my body, and my feelings and how its all meshed together. 

The purpose of of this blog, is educate, motivate, inspire, encourage others in all aspects of life, not just weight-loss.  I don’t want is blog to ever come off as too preachy. Please remember that it is a work in progress. I’m always open for comments, advice and verbal abuse. I hope that you find this blog useful. 



7 Comments on “Understanding This Blog”

  1. Phil Sabin Says:

    This sounds like it is going to be a great blog. I am taking on my health and fitness and losing weight is a primary goal this year. I will check back often for inspiration.


  2. waistloss Says:

    Justin I will be here looking for tips and advice all of the time! Post often! 🙂

  3. fatsavage Says:

    You are an excellent role model of sustainable weight and waist loss. If I know myself, I”ll meet my goals and get in near perfect shape in the next year and spend the five years after that letting it go to hell. That’s what happens when you’re a Fat Savage in mind and heart.

    Oh well – its been a lifetime of bad habits well learned. Be glad you started when young.

  4. Grumpy Chair Says:

    I will be checking in for tips and anything to motivate this middle-aged, overweight lady. I will be back tomorrow to read chapter one.

  5. pattie cake Says:

    it’s amazing how you find just what you need when you’re really ready to change. The univer responds in kind to positive thinking. I’ll be back!

  6. takemyhand Says:

    pattie Cake thanks for stopping by.

  7. HelloWorld Says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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