Outta My System

Ok after Monday’s BOD POD, measurement, I just needed a down day. I just needed to get rid of all the cravings. All the cravings that have been picking at me for a while now. I had a little Taco Bell for lunch(Spicy Chicken Burrtio), some IHOP for Dinner(Ham and Cheese Melt + Salad, and for the first time, I didn’t get pancakes along with that…), finally I went as low as you can go, I got a Snack Pack from Mcdonald’s (Grilled I mine you), and I had a little ice cream. YESSSSS all in one day. All the bad stuff, that’s going to to tempt me later. IT”S OUTTA MY SYSTEM, IT”S OUTTA MY SYSTEM.

No I didn’t just have a crazy binge. The schedule was thrown a wack again, so I just rolled with it. I was like hey, I’ve already gone this far, might as well keep going. I was being a bad boy. I knew that I woulld be able to hit the Ellpicatl hard later and atleast burn off the Taco Bell and the Snack Pack. You know what , I don’t feel bad about this down day. Not that I should ever feel bad about eating, reasonable food, especially when dinning out.

They say you should try to eat good, 90% of the time. Hey that gives me 36.5 days of 10% badness..Muhahahahha

This weekend I will start the bulking phase, so the extra calories are just what I need. I’m very fearful about this bulking cycling. Bulking doesn’t bode well for me mentally, but any who, more on that later.

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One Comment on “Outta My System”

  1. Lori Says:

    Justin, what’a snack pack? Well, maybe I don’t want to know….

    DId you know (and I’ve only done this once myself) that you can get certain things from Taco Bell called Fresca — they don’t put sour cream on it and it’s really lower in fat.

    Now, I don’t think what you ate was all that horrible. You even had some vegetables in there. It seemed balanced to me. You had grilled things and if you got the ice cream from McD, that’s only 3 points in WW language.

    To me that wasn’t a binge at all. You’re doing great.

    I’m curious what bulking up means and why this is scary.

    I fixed the link, Justin, you were right. (This is what happens when you’re in a rush…bad links!)

    Take care and have a good day today.

    You have to allow yourself to have some fun and not be horribly strict all the time. Otherwise, it’s a setup to be burned out.

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