Well today was the day of truth.  I had my body fat testing today.  Before I get in to the results, I need to talk about the experience.  My university hasa new technology called the BODPOD ( It’s the now considered the one of the most accurate method to measure BF%, out pacing the underwater submerging test.

The machine is ultra sensitive, so for men, the only thing you can wear are compression shorts, and ladies are allowed to wear bathing-suits, (1 or 2 pieces). You sit inside the little capsule (pod) and you have to be really still for about 45 sec.  It measures your Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass, and BMI. Then you have to do this breathing part, where you attempt to get all of the air out of your lungs. It wants the most accurate reading, and air is weight too. LOL. You sync your breathing in this tube, with the monitor, and then it tells your on lthe last exhale to puff, puff, puff, attempting to get all the air out.  The process is really quick and painless.  The only restrictions are, that you aren’t allowed to eat or drink 1-2 hours before the test and are not allowed to workout within 3 hours before the test. Unfortunately it cost 20 bucks a round, but it worth every-penny.  Trainers/specialist in the REC center, preformed skin-fold test on me and the girl figured my BF% to be 11%. I number I knew wasn’t true. Cause at 10%, I’d be seeing a nice defined six pack.(looks down at stomach…ummm NO). Here’s a picture.


They still preformed the other skin-fold test,  as well as the BIA fat test.  The skin-fold test, is where they pinch you in three locations to determine your BF%.  For men it’s the stomach, thigh and Chest. For women, I believe, it’s tricep, thigh, and stomach.  The BIA test, is were you hold this machine, like video game controller and it measure your BF% and generates a BMI. It works by measuring the conductivity through out your body, ie water, fat tissue, etc.

OH yeah results.  Well everything was positive. Since 3 months ago, I’ve gained 1 pound of weight (214.125), but I’ve reduced my BF% by 0.5%(LOL) from 17.5 to 17.0  I guess that’s pretty good considering I had to survived Thanksgiving and Christmas, with all the holiday dishes of DOOM. SO in summary, I’ve lost a little fat, and gained a little muscle.  Good way to start the week off.  The guy said once your enter ideal ,BF ranges, it’s hard to move and since I’m a PAR 7, it’s going to be harder for me to move, with out changing something drastic. I’m really motivated now, to do better and work a little harder

Summary Numbers

BMI 31.24       LBM 177.8   FM 36.4

Skinfold BF 18.7%

BIA BF 24.4%

BodPod 17.0%

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2 Comments on “BOD POD”

  1. Lori Says:

    Those are fantastic results, Justin.

    You should be proud of yourself for not just maintaining over the Christmas/New Year’s break but doing better. (That’s also a great price for your fat testing. $20??)

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Phil Sabin Says:

    Congratulations. I would be very happy to get down to those numbers. Keep up the progress.


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