It’s Prep Week

Well it’s prep for me, and that can only mean one thing. I’ve just finished one workout cycle and it’s time to swtich.  I call it prep week, because I like to ease myself into my new workout.  I spend a week, working on the movements and finding the approiate weights to start off with. I’m currently on 12 weeks cycles. I do the same exercises for 12 weeks, every 2 weeks i incease the weight and every 4 week, I reduce the reps, 15, 12, 10.

The new movemens involve, moves that are considered heavy lifting; Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Press. Maybe a new cycle is just what I need. Something to jumpstart this moJO

Tomorrow I have my body fat testing. It won’t be a normal sking fold, test. I’ll have to get inside something called the Bod Pod. I’ll have to post about this experience. it’s a new Technology, stay tuned!!

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2 Comments on “It’s Prep Week”

  1. Lori Says:

    OOOh, I bet they submerge you. I’ve always wanted to do that. Keep us posted!

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