The Story: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A New Machine
Date Covered: March 2002

With no bikes, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I looked around and there was this machine. At the time honestly I didn’t know it was called the Elliptical. I had seen people on it before. It looked like a more tortuous version of the ski machine. With nothing else left really to choose from I hopped on. After taking a moment to decipher the alien technology, I began performing what I thought was one of the most unnatural movements, I had taken part in ever. I lasted 6 minutes and 36 seconds, before I was tried, exhausted and covered in sweat. The elliptical had won  the battle that day. Although I only lasted for a short time on the elliptical I was more so impressed by the amount of calories I had burned in the short duration. I can’t remember the numbers, it it was nearly the same amount of calories, that it would have taken me 20-22 mins to burn on the bike.

The elliptical, changed the way I worked out. I fell in the love with the machine, and soon by the time May rolled around, I was going at for 30mins, buring generally 400 calories, way way more than I was buring on either of the bikes. I just selected the Hill or Interval program, and went to work.  The huge amount of calorie caused big change.   I had also altered my weight lifting program. I was now doing the simple arm exercises with the machines, like the bicep burl and the triceps push down, and began to you the chest press machine. So I would have an uppers body day, and a lower body day, and do cardio on the Upper body days.  I was now getting a much better overall workout. Even though I was neglecting major part parts shoulder, back, etc, and did so for a LOONG time. The weight just began to melt off. I dropped about 15 lbs between March and to the end of the semester in early May.  My butt shrunk, I swear it did, it made my hips much smaller.

My diet didn’t really change much from the previous months. I just kept everything in check. I wasn’t counting calories or counting grams of marconutrients. I was eating as healthy as I could at moment and just hoped for the best. I was still sticking to no fast food, no pizza, no soda, etc.

For the first time in years, I was actually looking forward to a little shopping. Around April my friends and I went to the mall.  Though as a broke college student I wasn’t able to buy much, it felt extremely good, to buy newer clothes, smaller clothes.  No longer being the 3XL-4XL, I was now a 2XL sized guy. My waist size was now roughly around 44. I had dropped about 6 pant sizes in 6 months.  I charted in stores, that I had always wanted to go in and shop, but usually didn’t carry my size.  I felt so liberated not to have to shop at the Big and Tall, or Asian Boutiques.  I can’t explain how good it felt just to make it into the dressing room and have the ability to TRY ON clothes.  I dress very neat and preppy. Ok heck, I’ll just be blunt here, this is my story. I don’t didn’t wear, typical “black” clothing.  It just wasn’t my style. So now I was able to shop at places like the Gap and Aeropostale. Place that carry a few bigger sizes. I still wasn’t small enough for the American Eagle, Abercombie & Fitch clothes, which at the time, I thought was the epitome of clothing and great body image. It was all about status, both physical and socially.  It was sorta like, you have enough money to afford this, and have a body that can fit into them.  I ended purchasing two shirts,  a pair of shorts. Some of my regular clothes where somewhat baggy now, but I just made due.

Near the end of the semester Scott, Adam and Justin, announced that they were all leaving ECU. They asked me and fellow member Keith to run the fencing club. They explained how they had worked very hard getting the club sport at the university and they didn’ want to see it die out, so Keith and I gladly took over the positions, as president and treasurer respectively, which were the only two positions that every club sport had to have. 

The semester was ending. It was time for exams again. With stress levels rising, I tried my best to eat as best I could. But with super late night studing, sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what campus serves, which that late, isn’t very healthy. I was ready for summer. The only thing I had planned was to possibilty take a class a the community college, just to get ahead a bit and to ease my load next year.

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