Creature of Habit

Wow this is my first daily account of what’s going on in my life, with the center being weight loss and nutrution. Soo hmmm what to talk about. I’ve been feeling sort down about my weight lately..
I been eating sorta bad lately. I’ve been having these late night mini binges. I don’t know what cause them, I need look at my calories/workout output to see if soemthing is causing me to be hungry at 2:AM in the morning. I’ve also have been craving moon pies, and I don’t even like them.

I was at a workshop this past Thur and Friday. That means bad eating. Because we provide all the food for the teachers. It throws my work LIFE out of WHACK…. My meals, my working out, my Sleep, ughhh.

I packed something with me on my trip before I left for Wilmington. I pack sandwhich bags of Kashi cerceal and I took packets of Light Oatmeal. At least I thought could keep breakfast ok, in the Hotel, because I knew all day I woul be sitting around Muffins, candy, doughnuts, cookies. My body is programed to eat every three hours, and well, and when I am conducting these workshops, I can’t stop and have a Turkey Burger and Oatmeal + whey protein, or Black beans + tuna. It’s like I’m stranded on Sugar and Carb island. I have to look for every little oz of protien, that I can. I have even resulted in picking the raisins out of a danish for PROTIEN.. I know.. sad.

Then ontop of that I never know what kinda of hotel. I’m going to be in. Which means, Will I gym or not gym.. Well This time, there was no gym. So i haven’t workouted since WED, right before I left. More than two without working out, and I’m grumpy, irrated and annoyed.

I normally wouldn’t be that worred about a few bad meals or snacks, but I have my 3 month folllow up for my body fat testing on MONDAY. I just feel like over the past two week, i’ve destored some of the progress I think I have made. I’m just feeling down about that. But you know what a few good days of cardio and working out, Ill be ok. At least I hope so.

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One Comment on “Creature of Habit”

  1. Lori Says:

    Isn’t funny how we get programmed into eating things that are right there in front of us.

    Two weeks won’t destroy what you’ve been doing so don’t fret about that too much. What’s done is done. Even slipping like this is a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to figure how to fix it and do better. We’re all going to have bad days and even some bad weeks (hopefully not that long).

    First, I hope you’re home and eating well and gone to the gym.

    It’s probably too late to help with this conference, but maybe some apples. Take some canned tuna or those tuna pouches. Get to know the secretary who arranges the food for these things. I bet you’re not the only one who would like something better than danishes. Didn’t they provide some fresh fruit? Or yogurt? (I’m thinking what I’ve seen at past meetings, etc.) Hopefully they had lots of water too. Take some small boxes of raisins along with you. The bottom line is that while I think they should have something nutritious, you have to plan and assume that they won’t. I’ve taken a Pria bar for a morning meeting.

    I have to provide food for a lot of meetings and stuff for snacks is just the hardest. i have to admit fresh fruit trays are expensive and my boss’ group is very flaky. Sometimes they’ll eat every scrap of something good and other times, it’s a big waste of $75 for a tray.

    Justin, I KNOW you’ll be okay. Monday will show improvements.

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