Find Something New, Something You

Everyone needs a fresh start sometimes, a jump start if you will and sometimes the best way to do that is just trying something Unusual orsomething new. Regardless, if you’re just starting or you’re seasoned pro, I would suggest finding something new for you to try. Pick up activity and new sport, a new game, a new hobby, maybe a new name.   

It would suggest that it be something physical, but hey it doesn’t have to. Maybe you could pick up puzzles, or building, singing, or maybe just volunteer.  Change is good, variety is great. Doing new things gives opens many doors for you. Now before I start to sounds like one of those overtly, nauseating,  self-motivation tapes, I’ll throw myself in the picture. 

I never played sports in throughout school, or for the town leagues.  I did play around with neighborhood kids and family members, but never a REAL sport. It wasn’t until I reached college, that I found my sport.  What was my sport? I took up Fencing.  It was fun, I enjoyed it, it was great for weight-loss,  most of all it was different.  DON”Tbe afraid to try something because you think you CAN’T do it.

Taken from “The Story: Chapter 2” 

I found fencing fun. While it was physically taxing, it didn’t involved running, … especially like the constant kind found in basketball and football.  For me fencing was size friendly I actually had a winning chance. It’s a gentlemen’s sport, so the rules can always play in your favor, and it’s a game of offense and defensive. In my case a strong defense can lead to victory.”

 Even as a big heavy guy, I discovered that I could fence. Even though on TV or the Olmypics, fencers were always these tiny lighting fast bodies. You’d be surprised.

Another thing I picked up was Running, something I once hated, with all heart’s content. It gave me a chance to get out of the gym.  I won’t elaborate much on running, as of now, because it’s a huge part of my life right now and has been for the past year and half, and it derves it’s own post. 

As of late I’ve begin  to pick up Dancing. I love it, It feels good to move across the floor.  If someone told me I would be salsa dancing, or emulating the latest Justin Timberlake song,  5 years, ago, I would have laughed, and asked them to share whatever they were smoking. It’ fun, yet hard. That’s part of the excitement, learning the steps, pushing your body and staying in tune with others around you.

I briefly picked up Painting for a while. I found it very de-stressing. Nothing big, a few blank surfaces, some brushes and acrylic paint and I was all set.  Become in tune with the strokes and color. It’s fun, simple, and easy.

The possibilities are endless. Try yoga there are many types, try racquetball, maybe volleyball.  Some people have found joy in rock climbing or canoeing. Have you consider horseback riding, karate, what about art, painting, clay molding.  When it’s good for the mind, it’s good for the soul. Open up, try something new, something You.

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3 Comments on “Find Something New, Something You”

  1. waistloss Says:

    Hmmm…my sport is BBQ! It is an endurance sport. You try cooking all night and see if it isn’t taxing! Our next competition is in April. I’ll let you know if we end up on TV again…

  2. Lori Says:

    Hey, it’s your fault that I signed up for tennis! No, really, you’re absolutely right that we need to try new things. I have to say after reading about your fencing, I was saying to myself, “I wanna do that!” But we don’t seem to have anything here at UVa.

    (But you’re with the Pirates, right? Fencing makes sense!)

  3. takemyhand Says:


    Double check on the fencing. I swear only like 15 people know we have fencing at ECU. The students are the front desk at the Rec, don’t know. Beside the a few staff members, for Insurance and Money issues, Most REC centers staff member don’t know we have a fencing club. It’s only list on the one website under club sports, and a small booklet that no one picks up. So DOUBLE DOUBLE check.

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