Foods that Fool

There are alot of foods out there, that have a reputation for being great dieting aids. They have become synonymous with dieting. But I’m here to inform you that they are Sabotagers(dum dum dum). Don’t flock to these foods, when you first start dieting. But if you must have them, I’ll give you solution of how you can have them.

5. Muffin Muffins– They look like a better alternative for breakfast right? WRONG!! Muffins are one of the most calorie dense foods out there. They normally pack around 450 calories. The word muffin was invented so that people woudn’t feel guilty about eating cake for breakfast. Solution: Go for Fat-Free mini muffins. Less calories and fat.

4.deli-meat-and-cheese.jpg Deli Meats– Watch out for deli meats. While healthily, they can sometimes can be high in fat and sodium. “If you Deli, Put Turkey in the Belly” thats what I say.(Gosh So country at times.) Solution: Only buy lean cuts turkey and chicken.

3. ricecakes.jpg Rice Cakes– Rices cakes are just empty calories that don’t fill you up. Extra Carbs!!! Solution: I can’t work miracles here. Stay with the bigger ones, you’re less likely to eat the whole bag.

2. Juice Juice– Usually everyone says that “I’m going to stop drinking soda and drink water and juice”. Bad idea. Juice has just as many calories and the roughly the same amount of sugar as regular soda does. Juice is good for you Yes.. But NOT good for weight-loss!!! Solution: Buy individual bottle instead of cartons. Dilute bottles and/or Opt for Light Juice.

Taken from “The Story: Chapter 2

“Bagels I could let go no problem, but Juice!!!. OJ was my morning coffee and Apple Juice was my night cap. For one week, I poured out half of the juice from the bottle and fill the rest with water, shook it up and tried to wane myself off of juice, and before I knew I had let juice go..completely”

1. Bagels Bagels– Bagels are perhaps one of the most disguising food when it comes to weight loss. Normally people think they are eating great when the grab that bagel and cream cheese, instead of something that appears to be unhealthy. Bagels are full of calories, carbs and contain no or little fiber. Also they are normally about 3x times the size of a serving of bread. Solution: Lenders makes small bagels, they come 12 in a bag instead of six. This will help cut down on the calories, and over sized serving. Opt for the whole wheat ones and skip the cream cheese.

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2 Comments on “Foods that Fool”

  1. waistloss Says:

    Great post Justin! I’m lucky enough to not crave most of these foods and I go for the extra lean deli ham.

  2. Lori Says:

    When I totally screw up and forget breakfast (I know, how can that be?), I’ll get a bagel at our cafe but throw away the top (bigger) part and just have half of it. I’ve found that I have to throw a lot of food away on this journey. Everything else is spot-on. I can’t imagine why anyone would want rice cakes….ew.

    I just am trying the light tangerine/oj combo from Minute Maid; it’s really good.

    good post, Justin!

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